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Got Questions?

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What type of material is the best to use for patio covers?

Patio covers are available in: wood, vinyl, aluminum or steel. For those who like the traditional look of wood, and have no problem on giving it some attention every several years, the real wood patio cover will be your best option. For the ones who like the white clean look with minimum maintenance, aluminum is preferable. Vinyl is another alternative, but this material tends to be expensive. Steel patio covers are very impressive, usually installed with welding and if painted correctly, they can last many years.

Can I install a new light fixture or a ceiling fan on my patio roof?

Yes. Most of our roof systems offer a unique channel system which allows you to insert electric wires for various kinds of electrical purposes.  A reinforcement bracket (or fan beam) can be installed with Alumawood Solid and Lattice covers to support the weight and conceal the wire of the installation of a fan.

What kind of texture does the aluminum patio cover have?

Most of the aluminum products we have available for patio covers have the wood grain texture.

What kinds of posts are available?

For wood patio covers There are many options. The basic posts are standard 4″x4″ but can also be made out of 2×6, 6×6 and so on. Posts can also be made out of steel, bricks, cement, standard framing and stucco. Aluminum patio posts are usually 3″x3″, sandwiched between a pair of 2×6’s, and can also be upgraded to the impressive roman columns.

What does the warranty cover?

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Will I ever have to paint my patio again?

Our aluminum patio products are guaranteed against fading, chipping and pealing. The wood patio covers usually require some maintenance every few years depending on its location, humidity and the amount of direct sun.

Do I need a city building permit?

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How long does it take to get approved?

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Will Alumawood Rust?

No, Alumawood is aluminum that has been embossed with wood texture and the paint is baked on enamel with a Teflon finish.

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