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About Retractable Screens

Our select line of motorized retractable shades offer an ideal solution to help you with your glaring sun issues. Made from the highest quality materials, these shades can be mounted in locations around your home to stop up to 98% of the solar heat rays and provide up to 100% shade with just the touch of a button! You will still enjoy almost total non-glare visibility from the inside while providing a cool and comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Another great benefit you’ll enjoy from Retractable Shades is that during the summer months, your air conditioning costs will be cut dramatically due to the shades ability to keep the heat out of the home. We offer a wide variety of trim and fabric colors in order to match your homes exterior and are custom fitted to your meet your sun control needs.

For spans up to 14 feet wide we recommend the 4” Elite, for spans over that we recommend the 5.5” Titan. So take a look at what we offer and decide for you what’s the best way to protect your patio or home from the suns glaring rays.

Light Duty Manual Shades can come with a clutch system of operation (for Light Duty Interior Shades or Exterior Clutch Shades only) making opening and closing them as easy as pulling a chain. Simply pull down on one side of the chain to raise the shade and then down again the on opposite side to lower it.

Heavy Duty Manual Shades (Elites with manual cranks and Heavy Duty Manual Interior Shades) come with a crank operation. The crank gear enables you to insert a wand in a small loop coming from one side of the shade and you simply use your crank wand to turn the loop, effectively raising or lowering the shade.

Motorized Shades also come with several different options for control. When choosing a motor for your shade you can use either a Low Voltage Sonesse (quiet) Motor or a 12V Harmonic Battery Powered Motor for your Light Duty Shade. Or you can choose a Sonesse 504 (quiet) Motor, a Standard Motor, or an Altus RTS Motor for your Heavy Duty Shade.

The Standard Motor is a hard wired motor that comes with two different wall switch options. You can choose a Toggle Switch or a Paddle Switch. Each switch comes in either Ivory or White.

  • Installing retractable shades can help reduce your energy costs by up to 30%.
  • Installing retractable shades is an effective and easy way to reduce your carbon foot print.

If you chose the Altus RTS Motor or the Sonesse 504 (quiet) Motor you are eligible to use a Telis Remote Control or Wireless Wall Switch. The Telis Remote Control comes in a Multi-Channel or a Single Channel model as well as a new Twenty Channel model. The Single and Multi Channel models can be ordered in Pure (standard white colored), Lounge (black colored), Patio (blue colored) or Silver (silver colored). The Twenty Channel can come in Silver and Black.

The Wireless Wall Switch or Decoflex Switch is essentially a remote that can be mounted to the wall. It comes in a Single Channel or Multi-Channel model and is available in Black, White or Ivory. These switches are available to all customers who are using and Altus RTS motor.

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